High Resolution Scanning and Artwork Reproduction.

Our high resolution Epson 12000XL A3 flatbed scanner delivers 2400 x 4800dpi and a 48-bit colour depth to ensure sharp and accurate scans with the widest range of colours, even in shadow areas.

Once digitised, all files are lovingly worked on by our art reproduction expert, Julia, to deliver beautiful, colour balanced files, allowing for superior enlargements to almost any size.

Artworks larger than A3 are simply scanned in sections and digitally stitched together in post-production. Sometimes, photography is a better option, and if this is the case, we have a local contact with whom we deal with often.

We offer a prompt 2 to 3 day turnaround on artwork reproduction. If you require same day service or on the spot scanning, this needs to be booked in advance - please contact Julia on 07 5532 0788 or using the form below.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries you may have, or to make an appointment to discuss your specific scanning needs in person.


Why scan your artwork or photographs?

  • High resolution digital scan means you can enlarge to whatever size you like
  • Captures detailed textures, unlike photographing artwork
  • Create print editions of your original artwork
  • Recolour artwork to create something completely different
  • Retouch old, damaged photos
  • Archive a digital copy for safe-keeping

Art Reproduction Pricing

A3 and below = $27.50
A2 = $55.00
A1 = $110.00
A0 = $220.00

Includes basic colour balance and removal of dust and scratches. Removal of background texture and other retouching options are available at an additional cost. Please see our digital retouching page for more info.
Contact us for a quote on multiple items.




Need to know more about Artwork Reproduction and High Resolution Scanning?

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