Our New HP Latex 260 Large Format Printer.


We've just installed our latest toy - this beautiful HP Latex 260 Large Format Printer. HP Latex Inks are water-based inks that combine the best characteristics of solvent inks and water-based inks. With this printer we can now offer outdoor prints such as banners, vinyl stickers etc. plus indoor use prints like canvas, posters, and even wallpaper! The benefit of using water-based inks is that the prints are odourless (unlike prints from a solvent machine), the quality is supreme, and the environment is much better off.

Huge Prints New Available

The printer has been setup in our workshop here in Southport on the Gold Coast. The other huge benefit of installing this machine is that it is 61" (1549mm) wide, so it can output an additional 432mm over our existing Epson 9900. This means we can now produce oversized canvas prints, where the maximum size of the shortest edge is now 1420mm. So we can produce sizes like 1400 x 2100mm etc.

Custom Wallpaper

One of the most exciting things about the HP Latex 260 is the ability to print wallpaper. HP have developed a wallpaper specifically for use on their Latex machines which has a water-activated glue. So there is no need to pre paste the walls, this product goes on simply with a wet sponge. HP have advertised it as something the end-user can install themselves, however we have our own installers who have worked with the product already and are very competent in hanging it.

With this printer, now anything can be printed onto your walls! You are only limited by your imagination! Now you don't have to purchase patterned wallpaper by the roll, we can print a custom design, be it a pattern, illustration, photo, graphic, to the exact size you require for your wall.

Come by the showroom to see a few example walls in action. Contact Toby today to arrange a time on 07 5532 0788 or print@leftbankgallery.com.au