Restaurant Wall Mural

Salt Bar and Restaurant at the Ferry Road Markets was recently renovated and the new owner wanted to fill a large wall next to the bar with a custom wall mural of an Italian alleyway. We found this image on Shutterstock, which worked fantastically as the perspective allowed the viewer to be fooled into thinking they were about to walk down a lovely little alley in a quaint Italian village. 

At Left Bank Gallery, using our HP Latex printer, we print onto a PVC-free wallpaper product that doesn't require any pre-pasting of the surface it is being installed onto, you simply wet the back of the paper and that activates the adhesive. And because it is a digital printer, it means we can custom make the wall murals to any size, rather than having to print off kilometres of the same design like traditional wallpaper printing. So now for under $800 you could fill a standard 3 metre wide by 2.4m high wall with an image of your choice!