Gold Coast Broadwater Wallpaper.


This custom wallpaper was installed into the beautiful dining area of this new home on the Broadwater of the Gold Coast late in 2014. After the owners had some pictures framed with us whilst building their new home, they saw our wallpapers on display in our showroom. The owners then presented us with 2 photographs they’d taken from very close to their block and asked if we could do something with them.

They wanted to have the big pandanus tree included, and with the walkway along the waters edge too to try and get the effect of it being the real deal. However, they also wanted to see some sailboats in the Broadwater and also have the colours muted so they wouldn’t stand out so much.


We took the two images into Photoshop and grabbed the sailboats and copied them into the water on the pandanus image. With a bit of Photoshop trickery, we were able to make them appear as if they were in the photo originally. Then with a few simple colour changes we were able to make the desaturated/muted effect the owners were after too. What we also did was flip the image so that the pandanus was on the left rather than the right - this allowed it to appear as if it were coming from the outside garden, and the water on the right 'split' into the actual Broadwater outside.

After the image was approved by the client we sliced it up into panels and printed it out on our huge HP latex printer, on HP’s own PVC-free wallpaper. This product has no harmful solvents and therefore does not require outgassing nor does it have a unpleasant smell to it. Within a few days it was installed into the dining room and as luck would have it the horizon line of the wallpaper met up with the actual horizon outside, so it made for a very realistic effect.