Cat Eyes Wallpaper.

This stunning wallpaper of a pair of cat eyes was installed into Bar Chico on Tedder Avenue in Main Beach. Our designers carefully matched the turquoise colour to the tiles using a piece of tile off cut and a few trial and error small prints. The image is a stock photo that originally had the eyes as a golden colour, however the client required the colour to match the fit out, so we took the image into Photoshop and altered the colour to suit.

The challenge presenting itself to us with this wall was that it was going to be the end of the bar, so there was the very likely chance that there would be spills, putting a paper based wallpaper at risk. We opted to print this on self-adhesive vinyl instead, as the plastic nature of the vinyl means it is waterproof. We also added a laminate to the print to gain an extra layer of protection.

We printed the artwork across two panels and installed it to the wall prior to the bar being installed. The wallpaper sits on the back wall facing the front door so it is one of the first things you see when you walk in. Be sure to check out Bar Chico next time you’re in Main Beach!