Restaurant Wall Mural

Salt Bar and Restaurant at the Ferry Road Markets was recently renovated and the new owner wanted to fill a large wall next to the bar with a custom wall mural of an Italian alleyway. We found this image on Shutterstock, which worked fantastically as the perspective allowed the viewer to be fooled into thinking they were about to walk down a lovely little alley in a quaint Italian village. 

At Left Bank Gallery, using our HP Latex printer, we print onto a PVC-free wallpaper product that doesn't require any pre-pasting of the surface it is being installed onto, you simply wet the back of the paper and that activates the adhesive. And because it is a digital printer, it means we can custom make the wall murals to any size, rather than having to print off kilometres of the same design like traditional wallpaper printing. So now for under $800 you could fill a standard 3 metre wide by 2.4m high wall with an image of your choice! 

Reception Wall Wall Mural

This aerial image of Broadbeach Waters and its surrounds, was purchased from Skye Pics Aerial Photography and digitally printed on our PVC-free Wallpaper, before being installed by Space Painters onto the wall behind this lovely reception area at a real estate office in Broadbeach Waters.

This completely custom wall mural is just one idea of many that our customers use to transform their walls. With digital printing technology, it is now possible to create custom wall murals from just about any image, and as it is custom made for you, there is no wastage like traditional wallpaper. We split the image into panels to suit the exact size of the wall it is going onto.

Boardroom Custom Wall Mural

We recently printed this shutterstock image of Surfers Paradise beach and had our pals Space Painters install it on a boardroom wall in a real estate office at Broadbeach Waters. 

We can print any (decent quality) image onto our PVC-free wallpaper product, which just requires a spray of water to activate the adhesive - no need for the mess involved with pre-pasting walls like traditional wallpaper. We can arrange to have it installed by our professionals or, if you consider yourself a bit of a DIY'er, you can definitely install it yourself.

Check out stock image sites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Unsplash - or provide us with your own digital images, or we can scan in your hard copies of original photos, drawings, letters, just to name a few!

Chinderah Service Centre Wall Mural

We were given the opportunity to provide a massive 7 metre wide by 5 metre high custom wall mural at the new Chinderah Service Centre. This stunning image of the Byron Bay lighthouse was sourced from Shutterstock for its perspective, that allowed patrons to view the wall as if they were at the base of the path up to the lighthouse. As per usual, this wallpaper was installed by the experts at Space Painters, who braved the heights on a scissor lift.

Mercedes Benz Sanctuary Cove Wallpaper.

In one of the more prominent wallpapers we’ve done, we actually had a tight deadline to meet with this job. We were asked by one of our interior decorators to print imagery supplied by Mercedes Benz head office for the new mini-showroom that was opening in Sanctuary Cove’s Marine Village. Once the approved images finally came through, we had to print and install inside a few days to ensure there was enough time left to bring in the cars and have an opening party!


Some beautiful imagery was supplied to us by the marketing department at Mercedes Benz and once we were able to get approval through for the particular image on the particular wall, we rushed the print through and had our installers on site next day to get it stuck up on the wall. The main image of a AMG and a motorbike are almost life-size and really pop in the showroom.

We also supplied vinyl stickers for the back window that was tricky to work around with the aluminium frames and the images we had to choose from. We ended up using the stunning image of the silver CLA with the multi-colour light reflections on the outside window and then a similar shot of the AMG for the inside window that can only be seen slightly from the showroom - hence the reason it has been cut off.


Gold Coast Broadwater Wallpaper.


This custom wallpaper was installed into the beautiful dining area of this new home on the Broadwater of the Gold Coast late in 2014. After the owners had some pictures framed with us whilst building their new home, they saw our wallpapers on display in our showroom. The owners then presented us with 2 photographs they’d taken from very close to their block and asked if we could do something with them.

They wanted to have the big pandanus tree included, and with the walkway along the waters edge too to try and get the effect of it being the real deal. However, they also wanted to see some sailboats in the Broadwater and also have the colours muted so they wouldn’t stand out so much.


We took the two images into Photoshop and grabbed the sailboats and copied them into the water on the pandanus image. With a bit of Photoshop trickery, we were able to make them appear as if they were in the photo originally. Then with a few simple colour changes we were able to make the desaturated/muted effect the owners were after too. What we also did was flip the image so that the pandanus was on the left rather than the right - this allowed it to appear as if it were coming from the outside garden, and the water on the right 'split' into the actual Broadwater outside.

After the image was approved by the client we sliced it up into panels and printed it out on our huge HP latex printer, on HP’s own PVC-free wallpaper. This product has no harmful solvents and therefore does not require outgassing nor does it have a unpleasant smell to it. Within a few days it was installed into the dining room and as luck would have it the horizon line of the wallpaper met up with the actual horizon outside, so it made for a very realistic effect.


Cat Eyes Wallpaper.

This stunning wallpaper of a pair of cat eyes was installed into Bar Chico on Tedder Avenue in Main Beach. Our designers carefully matched the turquoise colour to the tiles using a piece of tile off cut and a few trial and error small prints. The image is a stock photo that originally had the eyes as a golden colour, however the client required the colour to match the fit out, so we took the image into Photoshop and altered the colour to suit.

The challenge presenting itself to us with this wall was that it was going to be the end of the bar, so there was the very likely chance that there would be spills, putting a paper based wallpaper at risk. We opted to print this on self-adhesive vinyl instead, as the plastic nature of the vinyl means it is waterproof. We also added a laminate to the print to gain an extra layer of protection.

We printed the artwork across two panels and installed it to the wall prior to the bar being installed. The wallpaper sits on the back wall facing the front door so it is one of the first things you see when you walk in. Be sure to check out Bar Chico next time you’re in Main Beach!


Our New HP Latex 260 Large Format Printer.


We've just installed our latest toy - this beautiful HP Latex 260 Large Format Printer. HP Latex Inks are water-based inks that combine the best characteristics of solvent inks and water-based inks. With this printer we can now offer outdoor prints such as banners, vinyl stickers etc. plus indoor use prints like canvas, posters, and even wallpaper! The benefit of using water-based inks is that the prints are odourless (unlike prints from a solvent machine), the quality is supreme, and the environment is much better off.

Huge Prints New Available

The printer has been setup in our workshop here in Southport on the Gold Coast. The other huge benefit of installing this machine is that it is 61" (1549mm) wide, so it can output an additional 432mm over our existing Epson 9900. This means we can now produce oversized canvas prints, where the maximum size of the shortest edge is now 1420mm. So we can produce sizes like 1400 x 2100mm etc.

Custom Wallpaper

One of the most exciting things about the HP Latex 260 is the ability to print wallpaper. HP have developed a wallpaper specifically for use on their Latex machines which has a water-activated glue. So there is no need to pre paste the walls, this product goes on simply with a wet sponge. HP have advertised it as something the end-user can install themselves, however we have our own installers who have worked with the product already and are very competent in hanging it.

With this printer, now anything can be printed onto your walls! You are only limited by your imagination! Now you don't have to purchase patterned wallpaper by the roll, we can print a custom design, be it a pattern, illustration, photo, graphic, to the exact size you require for your wall.

Come by the showroom to see a few example walls in action. Contact Toby today to arrange a time on 07 5532 0788 or