World Map Wallpaper at Mermaid Beach.


We printed and installed this amazing vintage world map wallpaper late in 2014 at a beautiful beach house on Hedges Avenue at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast. Our designers created the vintage look with a hint of sepia tones, to match the clients interior colour scheme, inside of Photoshop where we added rough textures also to give the entire wallpaper a worn feel.


The wall posed a small challenge with the long, thin window sitting in the bottom half. Rather than lose big chunks of the world map, we split the map into 2 sections, and with a bit of Photoshop magic in the Pacific Ocean we were able to make the entire image work within the space presented to us. At Left Bank Gallery, we love challenging ourselves and solving all sorts of problems - this is another example of how our custom wallpaper solution can be used in almost any situation.

The world map itself has an incredible amount of detail. Every city in the world is listed, so it makes for a fantastic interactive piece, where you can use colour coded pins to mark the cities you’ve visited, adding another layer of dimension and interest to what would be just another plain wall.

Not only that, but with the expertise of our design team, we can completely custom print the world map wallpaper to any colour and size you would require. SO you're not limited to vintage style graphics, you can have bright colours, black and white, muted pastels... the list goes on.

Our high resolution map is ready to customise today, so get in touch with us to discuss how it could be used on your next project.