See and feel the quality.

To choose the right paper for your image it is best to see and feel it in person. The papers we have curated are of the highest quality to achieve the best possible reproduction, with superior colour fastness and longevity. Paper choice works to influence and heighten the feelings conveyed by an image and adds a special thoughtfulness to it in your home, office or exhibition. You can read more about our papers and printers here.



In The Pack - Your choice of 3

  • 310gsm Smooth Cotton Rag (100% cotton)

  • 320gsm Textured Cotton Rag (100% cotton)

  • 310gsm Satin Fibre Rag (100% cotton)

  • 395gsm Poly/Cotton Canvas

  • 175gsm HP PVC-free Wallpaper (water based self adhesive)

  • 205gsm HP Poster Paper


Order a sample pack.

Complete the form below with your paper selection (3) and mailing address. Julia will respond ASAP confirming your order or answer any questions you may have about the papers or process. Sample packs are $22 and are used as credit towards your first order with us.

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